The British East India Company, which was the British joint-stock company in charge for the importation of British tea into the Americas, started to experience economic problems, and the fact of the colonists being on a boycott, just made this worst. In order to help the company, Parliament paased a law that allowed the company to sell its tea directly to the colonists. This way the Brittish tea would be sold at a cheaper price even with the tax, than the smuggled tea brought from Dutchland, and this shall lure the colonists to pay the tax imposed by the British.

But colonists aren’t foolish, they saw the trick that British were trying to pull off, and refuse to buy the tea from the British, even though it was cheaper than the smuggled one. This shows a true rebelion spirit; they won’t give up their efforts, just because the British offered them a better trade. They had already said “We will not accept taxation, without representation,” and they wouldn’t back down on their words, on their rights and their freedom.

On the night of December 16th, 1773, Boston Patriots took matters into their own hands. They all dressed as Mohawk Indians in order to avoid recognition, if by any chances they were caught by the British. They waited until the time was appropiate to board the British ships and then throw ALL the British Tea into the ocean. They also had forbidden to take any bag of tea, that was British with them; they all had to end up in the bottom of the ocean, and who ever was caught taking some tea with him, would be considered a traitor and tied up with a rope and thrown to the ocean, because as said before, “all the tea had to end up in the bottom of the ocean.”

Now this seems a very weird form of rebelion, just imagine all the tea that was wasted by being thrown into the ocean. I personally think it would have been best for them to confiscate all the tea and take it with them, and make the British forfeit all taxes imposed on the colonists without representation, before returning it to them (Remember they must not use or drink this tea, because they are rebeling at this point in order not to pay taxes they consider unfair, since no representation is given to them. They are not looking to provoke the British to start a war, or at least not for now). But who knows what would have happened in that case, probably the war between the Patriots and the British would have taken place earlier in history, because the British would have taken that as a serious insult. Maybe, if the patriots would have been disloyal to their word of not using the British tea, they would start to smuggle the British tea and this would have caused internal problems among the Patriots. Many outcomes could have ocurred, but The Boston Tea Party took place that way, and many people think that was the best way for it to happen, the best way for people in the Boston Colony to rebel against those unfair taxes.