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After events in Lexington, the town of Concord turned into alert, knowing of the advancement and approach of the British troops. In the morning, the men started to gather to begin their march to go and confront the redcoats. However, at the time when these colonists got to see the British, they enter in fear and retreated to a hilltop outside of town.

British continued to advanced until they got to Concord. They entered it with two purpose: destroy weapons and gather of food. But the British didn’t count with something; Militia returned and attacked the british troops as they approached the North Bridge in Concord. As the British were walking through, militia had grown stronger as more and more farmers had left their duties to join and fight. At first, the militia was just looking silently, hidden in the trees or rocks, but after, they opened fire through many positions of the road making the british tired and angry. At last the British suffered a lot; having 73 dead, 174 wounded, and 26 missing. The Colonists got 49 dead, 39 wounded and five as missing. The fight for freedom had begun. The British were now retreating back to Boston. The Colonist had a small taste of victory and were desiring more.

The only bright spot for the British was the fact that Lord Percy, which had left Boston with a smaller army after the main British force had moved to Lexington at first, had finally arrived to Lexington, waiting to disperse the Colonists. The Battle now through Concord and Lexington… resulted a success to colonists.