The colonists’ relationship with the British had deteriorated and had taken a drastic turn with the imposition of the coercive or intolerable acts. Tension was growing high, especially on Boston and its surroundings after the port of Boston was closed by the British, as answer to the Tea Party. Chaos was around as many patriot leaders decided to leave the city because of fear of being arrested, hiding in smaller places. Tension increased even more in the colonies with the appointment of General Thomas Gage as the royal governor Massachusetts. John Hancock, Samuel Adams and other Patriot leaders, convened on a Provincial Congress, decided to ignore his government, and made their own rules and laws that colonist would follow. The consequences of this actions were foreseen, so in the Provincial Congress, it was also decided to stockpile weapons and ammunition.

To the west of Boston there is a village called Lexington where the inhabitants were also amunition for a war, which they suppose it was about to come. April 19, 1775, suddenly two man; one named Paul Revere and William Dawes arrived and made the call to advice that the British or red coats were coming. Supposedly they had been sent by General Gage to arrest John Hancock and Samuel Adams which were currently at Lexington after Massachusetts Congress, and also with the objective of destroying all the weapons and ammunitions they had heard were being stored in Concord. By night the size of the British troops increased constantly, which then began to move in search of their objective.

The local militia at Lexington decided to hold the British and rail them back to Boston. In the very morning, about 70 patriots gathered at Lexington Green waiting for the Red Coats to arrive. When the British reached Lexington, the commander got surprised for the small amount people that had the colonists force. As reaction to this, he commands the colonists to throw their weapons, start to disperse and walk away. Some colonists obeyed and started to move; with their weapons still in hand, when suddenly… a gun was fired. Still, it is unknown from where it came but is believed that this shot was fired by a colonist who was hidden in a place nearby. This shot was the one that trigger the war, making British to answer back killing some colonists. The others ran away, leaving free the road for the British to continue moving west.


” We shall never retreat, we shall never surrender ” – Bostonian Patriots