General Thomas Gage had secretly dispatched the troops towards Lexington and Concord. In a short time after they had been dispatched, the notice of the British Army marching toward Lexington was found out by some Colonists. Paul Revere was one of these colonists and he rode as fast as he could toward Lexington.

The horse was running as fast as it could run. The man was crying at the top of his voice:

“The British are coming! The British are coming!”

Or wait, was it “The Redcoats are coming”? Many history books present different versions of this story. Some claim that Paul Revere shouted that british were coming, others that the redcoats were coming, and some even claim that he shouted that the regulars were coming out. There are even some stories that say that Paul Revere was captured and didn’t reveal the message in time. Whatever the truth is, we want to know your opinion about this subject. Please comment and at the end we’ll see which story wins with the best arguments.

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