Loyalists… well they were against many of the Patriots ideas and sided with the king; that’s why they earned a place in our post.

There was 1/5 of the colonists that were loyal to Britain; this people were called “loyalists”. Loyalists were wealthy people known to have sold out everything to get a position at England government. This was believed to be true for many years and persons, but it was just a stereotype. Very few were like this, but many others were just farmers and normal people that were loyalists for the reason that they hated the militia drafts and because for them is was ridiculous to go and fight against the British army who was back then so powerful, that it could go over any other nation, not to mention the colonists.

Loyalists started to express their ways of thinking through out the colonies by newspapers, trying to disperse their ideas everywhere, but patriots decided then to shut down the loyalist newspapers so this couldn’t happen. Patriots also started to ask for taxes that were even more expensive then the British ones. Loyalists didn’t understand that those taxes were to build the great army they needed to fight Britain. Loyalist now were angry for two more things: because patriots didn’t gave them freedom of speech and because the taxes, which were more expensive.

Slaves also ended up becoming loyalists, because many of these people worked for the patriots, and because of the hate they felt for there owners taking away their liberty. They decided then to go on to the other side. Many of them escaped just to go join the British army to help “destroy” their owners. Native Americans also were also appealed by Loyalism. Because British seemed to protect the land west to the Mississippi and were trying to remove the colonists from this land, many Native Americans sided with the Colonists.

Loyalists mostly felt insecure throughout the colonies, because Patriots could torture them, so many moved to Boston where the Red Coats where established. Although Boston was under siege, they felt safer there,having the British army to protect them.

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