Finally the moment has come. Colonists had decided to declare Independence. It is a great moment, but before going any further, we’re going to explain how general opinion changed from people wanting to remain under British rule, to people desperately wanting an Independence from them.

The event that swung general opinion toward Independence was Thomas Paine book, “Common Sense” published in January 1776. It was a short but powerful book that expressed all the colonists ideas; ideas they had for many time longed to express but had never been able to. The language used in the book was simple, so that everyone could understand, and direct, straight, forceful. Paine mentioned the things directly as they were without trying to make them look better, without circularity. In his book, Paine proposed that colonists should declare Independence to Britain, that they should form a republican state government, and finally proposed the union of the new states. The reasons for this was that he said that King George III and the aristocrats were frauds and parasites. He wanted the common people to be able to elect all the governors and authorities, not just one third, and he hated the structure and rigid classes of England, where Noble classes smothered common people. Paine thought that with independence and a republican state government, people would be rewarded because of merit and not because of inheritance; the colonies would be able to decide for themselves and be able to trade with whomever they wanted, and also be able to make diplomatic decisions; and they would be free from the the tyrant’s clutches. In short time, Paine’s idea had build the like for independence, and shortly the congress decided it was time for Independence.

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It was a bright day, July 2nd, 1776. The Congress has decided and voted for independence and that now America should be free. The task of writing the declaration of Independence was given to Thomas Jefferson, and by July 4th, 1776, everything was set up. On this memorable day, 4th of July, Americas proudly declared independence. They were free from tyranny, free to make their new government, but above everything else free to prosper. But still, declaring independence was something, but achieving it was completely different. This would bring many difficulties to America, starting that no other country in America had ever won independence against an European country before.

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The Declaration of independence, as expected, drew upon many of Paine’s Ideas. It also was greatly influenced by the Enlightenment ideas. It expressed that all men are created equal and emphasized that men had three unalienable right that could never be taken away: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 56 men signed the declaration of Independence, the first one being John Hancock. It is a beautiful document and in the following paragraphs we are going to analyze it.

The declaration of Independence can be divided into three parts: The Preamble, the Grievances and the Independence or conclusion. The ideas expressed in the Preamble explain the unalienable rights of man as well how governments should really be. It introduces the topic of Independence, and in two paragraphs, it reflects the Enlightenment ideas that all men posses these unalienable rights which are life, property, and pursuit of happiness* that no one can’t ever take away. It states that a government is instituted to protect these rights, but if it fails to do so and is destructive to them, people have the right to change or abolish it. If a government is full of abuses and usurpations, it is people’s right to throw off such government and establish one that would protect their future. It states that the government of the present King of England, George III, has caused repeated injuries and usurpations, so it is necessary to alter the government and separate from it.

The document continues with facts of the king’s faults and usurpations. This part is the Grievances. The Grievances, as its name suggest, are primarily complains toward the king, parliament action’s, and things that shouldn’t be happening that are happening; which are making the colonists declare independence. In several points, there are many complains about the Intolerable acts, the Taxation without Representation, violation of rights and many other faults that have angered the colonists and made them look for the independence. The Grievances end by claiming they had tried redress and have petitioned it many times, but every time they were rejected. The King is a Tyrant and is unable to rule people.

The final part is the actual declaration of Independence and the conclusion. They claimed they had warned the British that their legislature was unfair, and that they have been disavow with their many usurpations; so therefore they must separate from them and remain neutral; enemies at war and friends at peace. Colonies should become independent states with no political connection with Britain. They shall be free to make diplomatic decisions and trade.

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A bright day has shun in the Colonies, with airs of hope and gusts of war. Patriots would fight to the end to see all this ideals become through and we’ll never stop to fight if someone threatens their liberty. The Declaration of Independence is finally been sign, and at the same time…. struggle and bloody war has been opened.

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