Since 1773 the war between British and colonists was growing each time more in rivalry. Soilders were dying in large amounts from both sides as wars were lost by the two sides as battles continue. As things went on; Sir William Hoe quit his position of commander in the british army so General Henry Clinton replaced him. As a tactic he thought the clue for the success in this war was to move south the colonies and search for the loyalists; if he was able to control the southern colonies he sight a clear victory by being able to crush the colonies. Clinton assigned Lord Charles Cornwallis to lead his troops in the southern colonies while he remained in New York with another amount of soldiers

Cornwallis then went ahead to the wars in Savanah, Georgia and Camdem, South Carolina where British ended up victorius so things look good for them. Now they moved to Yorktown, Viriginia and began to camp in the Chesapeake Bay. They then called Clinton to send him reinforcements from Georgia. In the other hand were the patriots, George Washington was planning a strategy with french man how to end up british troops; they got to the conclusion to make a move in Yorktown and destroy there the british. The plan consisted to move south to Yorktown while 28 ships were moving with reinforcements and supplies from France to Chesapeake Bay. The ships who were down the orders of Admiral de Grasse was told to sail into the York River to keep out the reinforcements coming from Georgia away from Cornwallis.

Washington start marching with 14,000 man down to Yorktown, they were joined afterwards by 3,000 man who came in October 14 1781. The ships had arrived just in time because british reinforcements were still in their way. Cornwallis tried everything he could against the 17,000 soldiers and even sent british infected with small pox from his camp to try make a hit but didn’t work out. Later he tried to escape with boats across the river but unfortunately for him a storm put a stop to his escape. Reinforcements from Georgia came 5 days later than the french but it was already too late because in October 17 Cornwallis had sent a boy with drums and a white flag to Washington offering a surrender. On October 19 the official papers of surrender were signed. “The world has turned upside down” after 8 years of war a group of untrained farmers defeated the most powerful army in the world.